GEM Multi - Organ Transplant

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With the laparoscopic expertise of Gem Hospital & Research Centre and the expertise of Medanta Institute of Biliary Sciences ,Gurgaon in liver transplantation, the Gem-Medanta Institute of Liver transplantation is proud to be India’s only Laparoscopic living donor liver transplant centre.

Using this technique , the living donor(one who donated a portion of his/her liver) would have the surgery performed using laparoscopy .This would give all the advantages of laparoscopy to this patient enabling fast and safe recovery. This is usually performed using the open technique where the abdomen of the patients will be opened to remove the portion of the liver.

Laparoscopic donor liver resection is quite popular in South Korea. But with this now available in India at GEM, is a big step ahead in the field of liver transplantation in India. Gem Hospital is equipped with the latest imaging technologies like the 3D, 4K etc which enable these surgeries to be performed with utmost precision. We have now introduced the da Vinci robotic technology, using which the same could also be done.

Liver transplantation is indicated for conditions like Chronic liver diseases related to alcohol, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, metabolic liver diseases etc.