At GEM hospitals, a team of expert is available to provide comprehensive care for patients with cardiovascular diseases.


The majority of patients die mainly of Cardiovascular Disease. Young adults with Heart attacks are common these days.

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Dr Karthik Kumar Das
Dr Karthik Kumar Das Consultant - Cardiologist & Diabetologist
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I am highly delighted to share my views for GEM HOSPITAL. They are dealing with numerous patients in a well systametic manner . Highly qualified and well experienced Doctors and they are available here 24*7.

Anupama Balajee

Hospital is clean and good. Staffs are very very helpful and guide you properly. Highly satisfied with the chief doctor and the assistants. Their confident level gives us a moral boost.

Vidya Nagasubramanian

I admitted my father @ covai gem hospital for an emergency nearly for ten days. Hospital doctors are really good and experienced the treatment given by the hospital was excellent

Vikram Raj

Frequently Ask Questions.

Cardiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases and conditions related to the heart and cardiovascular system.

Risk factors for heart disease include high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, smoking, obesity, diabetes, family history of heart disease, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, stress, and age (the risk increases with age).

Each pulse represents a heartbeat that pumps blood through your veins. Your pulse can be used by your doctor to assess the strength of your blood flow and blood pressure in different places of your body.

To prevent heart disease, it's important to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle. This includes eating a balanced diet low in saturated and trans fats, being physically active, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding tobacco use, managing stress, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and getting regular check-ups and screenings.

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